Ralna's Photos From the Holidays and More

John Sylvestri is my friend, Vickie's husband, and a great cook! I'm always thrilled to be invited when John is cooking. His Thanksgiving turkey (a day early) was incredible. 09john.jpg

Sister Jane and Robert drove from California to be here at Christmas.

Close up photo of Jane and Robert. 


Carlos and Julie joined in the fun Christmas Eve and Christmas day.


They, of course, brought my Granddog, Popcorn. She loves me--can you tell?



Jane and I made
lots of appetizers from our family cookbook and a few friends stopped by to enjoy them. Here I am with neighbors Judy and Vicky. 

Julie had a wonderful time in Mississippi with Guy and Sis and the whole family in December.  Isn't this a sweet photo Sis sent me!09julieandguy.jpg

I love this picture in front of my tree with my little sister, Jane. We used to have a tree with bubble lights when we were growing up in Spur and Lubbock and my favorite thing was to lay underneath looking up at the bubble lights. It transported me to another world. 






I took a short trip to Palm Springs and stayed with my good friends, Bill and Ann Bauer. Ann is one of my most favorite people in this world. She started the 'special friends' program with Childhelp in the late '60s.

My friend Cindy Loeb was visiting her Mom and Dad in Palm Springs and we all got to go to a lovely party together. Here we are after having lunch sitting on a bench with Albert Einstein.