Ralna's Photos From the Holidays and More

I was thrilled to get to go to Mary Lou and Richard's annual holiday party this year. I think last year is the only year I've missed. It was great to get to visit with so many old friends. (l. to r.): Janette Cuesta, Norma and Jack Imel, Rose Weiss Berman, Arthur Duncan and Cary Weiss, Rosie's son. (I had really wanted to see Rosie and called her to make sure she was coming. She's a real hero of mine.)


       09welkgroup.jpg (l. to r.): Jack Imel, wife Norma, Rose Weiss, Ralna, Sandi Griffiths, Tanya Roberts, Arthur Duncan, and Charlotte Harris. Just below is Janette Cuesta.

Newlyweds, Ken and Margaret Letterman were there and shared a few pictures with me for my website. Thanks you two! 


Julie was initiated into Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society in education on January 24, 2009. Some very famous past members are Margaret Mead, Albert Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt. And, yes, I am so very proud of her. She has worked very hard to be the best that she can be. Here she is with Carlos coming into the hall for the ceremony.

09juliepodium.jpgDr. Kathy Brown from the University of Central Oklahoma gave a very inspiring speech. Here she is with Julie after the ceremony.

Sis sent me this photo of Guy--so proud of his alma mater, Ole Miss' victory over my alma mater, Texas Tech! OK Guy Lee!

 Sally Flynn Hart came out for a little R&R from Florida. Here she is at my new red front door. Enjoyed her visit so much and extremely happy to hear the good report on our Clay boy!

Had a great lunch with friends at one of my favorite restaurants, Arcadia Farms. We were there to celebrate our friend, Sandy's new left knee and to wish her well on her upcoming second surgery of the right knee. (l. to r.): Ralna, Sandy, Gloria, Lynette and Judy.