Ralna's Big Birthday - Scottsdale, AZ

BIRTHDAYscottsdale1.jpg Sister Sharon came to visit me for a couple of weeks, and we had so much fun! Here she is with one of her masterfully-created lemon meringue pies.

BIRTHDAYscottsdale1a.jpg Here is Sharon's beautiful pie! It was so beautiful, it deserved a close up!

When I returned home, and opened my front door, the morning of my birthday, June 19, a little leprechaun had left these cute balloons to kick off my "big day."
(Thank you Susie.)



Susie had a wonderful party for me...

And had the most delicious food...



And drinks...(l. to r.): Friend Pat, Ralna and Susie.

Susie's sangria was a big hit with all of us. (l. to r.): Susie, Ralna, Sharon.

BIRTHDAYscottsdale7.jpg I was so happy that Julie and Carlos could be there!

Susie threw a great party! (l. to r.): Pat, Sharon, Dorotha, Carlos and Julie.


BIRTHDAYscottsdale9.jpg I asked sister Sharon to make me a strawberry cake for my 70th ... and it was just as I remembered it the last time I had it, 51 years ago! Thank you Sharon!!!

Sharon and Jane gave me my favorite perfume, Joy! Jane was so sad that she couldn't make either of my birthday parties this year.

BIRTHDAYscottsdale11.jpg Susie created a 70-page memory book of my life, that left me speechless! I will treasure it always.

Julie and Carlos had to leave early to go to work the next morning, and we ended the night playing one of our favorite games, Spinner. We are a group  who really love playing games! BIRTHDAYscottsdale12.jpg