Doris Shipp's 90th Birthday, Summer 2007

I celebrated my best friend's Mom's 90th Birthday in Chicago on September 14th with many who came from all over the country to let her know of her inspiring nature to us all. Here I am with my best friend Monette at the party. We met at Asbury Methodist Church in Sunday School class when I was 15 and she was 16. We have been best friends all these years.

 And here is the most beautiful, fun-loving inspiring 90-year-old I know...Doris Shipp, shown here with our host, Mike Babka, Monette's brother-in-law.


  (l. to r.): Mitzi Babka, Lori Davette Ince, Monette Ince, "Birthday Girl" Doris and Dina Ince. Mitzi Babka, is Monette's sister and was hostess of the party. She and Mike graciously opened their home to many of us who came from out of state. Lori Davette and Dina, Monette's daughters, are my god children.