Kenny Robert's Birthday Party, Summer 2007

   Tanya threw an elaborate Birthday Party for her husband, Kenny at their magnificent home in Los Angeles in July. You can see how much they are still in love after all these years.

 What a treat to get to see so many of the "Musical Family" there at Ken's party. (l. to r.): Sally June Hart, Ralna, Gail Farrell and Tanya.


  Sister Jane and husband Robert were there along with Michelle Mazurki, one of our dearest friends and one of Tanya and Kenny's longtime friends. They were in school together.

 Here I am with Gene and Janet Price. Janet was also a school mate of Tanya, Kenny and Michelle and my "tennis buddy" for many years in LA. Gene and I have known each other since our Lubbock days together...he as a DJ and me as an aspiring young singer around town. He then came to LA and met the "love of his life," Janet. Small world.


   What a treat to have Sandi and Sally together again.

Here's Sandi with her precious husband Brent. They are made of pure gold.


  Gorgeous Gail and her very funny and talented hubby, Ron Anderson.