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(starring hitmakers from the 1970s, including Guy & Ralna)
Coming to PBS August 2010 - watch a 4:29
promotional clip on YouTube

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Audio Clips

The following clips are from Ralna's naitonal PBS TV special,
"Ralna English: From My Heart" - click here to purchase the 22 Track CD

Tangerine / Green Eyes 4:23

Amazing Grace

Old Time Gospel Medley  5:22

How Great Thou Art 3:15

Old Black Magic 4:50

Crazy 2:46

Just In Time 3:22

Radio Interview

Ralna taped an interview right after she starred in "Lawrence Welk: Milestones & Memories"
special on PBS (2001). The interview was originally broadcast on the
"Midwest Today Radio Edition," across the Heartland in 2001.
Click HERE to listen to this special, nostalgic interview!
(requires Real Player) 4:55


 Ralna TV Clips
"Ralna English: From My Heart"
Ralna's PBS national TV special. Buy DVD here. 4:01

By the Time I Get to Phoenix
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 3:04

You'll Never Know
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 2:20

Embraceable You  (requires Real Player)
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show")

Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 2:38

Guy & Ralna TV Clips
Only You  (requires Real Player)
("Milestones & Memories") 1:04

You Light Up My Life (about their daughter Julie)
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 2:55

Wise Men Say
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 2:37

Let Me Be There
( from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 1:59

Rock of Ages
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 2:03

Easter Parade
( from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 2:15

Sweet Baby Jesus (Christmas)
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 2:59

Guy & Ralna sing THE BEATLES!
Let It Be
(from"The Lawrence Welk Show") 3:15

Would You Like to Take a Walk
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 2:23

The Anniversary Song
(from "The Lawrence Welk Show") 1:48

TV Commericals with Guy & Ralna
PVM Weight Loss Powder
(as seen during "The Lawrence Welk Show") 1:26

More audio and TV clips will be added in the coming weeks. Check back!