Ralna Fund Raising in Baton Rouge, LA

  LPB1.jpg I went to Baton Rouge to pledge for Louisiana Public Broadcasting. Here I am with Producer Allegra. Everyone at LPB was just wonderful!

I had a lot in common with Susan, who was on set to pitch all the "thank you" gifts for "Lawrence Welk: Milestones & Memories."


  LPB2A.jpg LPB was so wonderful, in fact, that they welcomed me with this beautiful cake!

Terri, executive director of Friends of LPB, took me to a lovely residential home, St. James Place. 



 Here I am with Cynthia, the community relations director at St. James Place. She introduced me to the residents.

 LPB5.jpg We had a great turnout at St. James Place. And I answered lots of questions.

After speaking, I signed autographs. 


  LPB7.jpg Here I am with Nancy who went on line to purchase two Guy & Ralna CDs and then brought them for me to autograph.

What a surprise when I started speaking about Frances, Guy's mother...a man from the audience raised his hand to say he was Frances' first cousin. I got to visit with Hal and Celia Filgo.