Ralna's Holidays in Scottsdale - 2009

Sister Jane and Robert drove from California to be here at Christmas. We had such a fun festive holdiay.

 Close up picture of Jane and Robert.


Carlos and Julie joined in the fun Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

They, of course, brought my Granddog, Popcorn. She loves me--can you tell?  

 I love this picture in front of the tree with my litle sister, Jane. We used to have a tree with bubble lights when we were growing up in Spur and Lubbock and my favorite thing was to lay underneath looking up at the bubble lights. It transported me to another world.

 I took a short tri pto Palm Springs and 


 Mike Cathcart (Peggy Lennon's son) is one of the best singers around these days and performs at Dick Gass and Dee Dee Lennon Gass' wonderful restaurant in Branson, "The Candlestick Inn."


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