Branson - November 2010

december30.jpgI went to Branson in November with my sisters. We saw so many shows and had a wonderful time together! Got to have lunch one day with old friends!

Ralna and Jo Ann Castle.

Ralna and Mary Ann. Mary Ann plays keyboard for "The Andy Williams Show" and has worked with our show many times! december31.jpg

december32.jpgRalna and Ilona. Pasha and Ilona were a great addition to Andy Williams' Christmas Show this year!

(l. to r.): Dee Dee, Kathy, Jo Ann,
Mimi and Janet.

december34.jpgMimi surprised me when she came in wearing my old Victorian hat and cape from our opening number several years ago. She is one of my favorite people!

Clockwise: Kathy, Dee Dee, Jo Ann, Janet, Ilona, Mary Ann, Mimi, Cindy, and sister Sharon. december35.jpg

december36.jpgDenton came along with me to Branson and loved playing in the leaves behind our condo.

He got to reunite with his brother, Carson! december37.jpg


december39.jpgThey played and kissed and ran and tumbled for about an hour! What fun!

Cindy was so gracious and got us tickets to several shows in Branson including Mickey Gilley. He is overcoming a tragic fall which occurred last year and is a "walking miracle." His show was truly inspiring this year! Cindy also got us tickets for Neal McCoy's show. Here we are all smiles after one of the best shows in Branson. Neal McCoy is truly an entertainer's entertainer! december42.jpg