Photos From Branson
and the Holidays (2004)

 Joe Sullivan gave us a great wrap party at the end of our Branson run. Here I am with Dick Dale at the party.


 I grabbed Norma Imel, Jack's wife, as she was leaving the party to get a picture of this beautiful woman. She looked like a dream in this outfit.

 Marge Clapper, our wardrobe mistress, center, and her daughter, Wendy Landes, right, who was in wardrobe and was also our angel in the tree at the end of our show. On the left is Wendy's biggest fan,
Aunt Tina.


  My precious "Branson" friend, Cindy Loeb, came out to Scottsdale for a visit right before Christmas.

 Mary Lou produced a great Christmas show at the Welk Resort Escondido and starred in it this year with Anacani and Big Tiny Little.


  Here I am with beautiful Ana backstage after the show.

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