My Busy March 2011

BUSY%20MARCH%2016.jpg    Cindy made a side trip to see me when she came out to visit her parents in Palm Springs in March.

BUSY%20MARCH%2015.jpgShe brought along Denny's girlfriend, Chelsea, and they had as much fun together
as Cindy and I.

BUSY%20MARCH%2010.jpgShortly after Cindy's visit, I had more company...sisters Sharon and Jane came! Sharon was in Arizona almost 3 weeks and Jane was here almost 2 weeks and they could have stayed another month! I love my sisters. (l. to r.): In front of our condo in Sedona, Jane, Ralna holding Denny and Sharon.

 When we returned from a week long vacation at one of Sharon's time shares in Sedona, Susie's family had come to visit her. Here we are out on the town together. (l. to r.): Jane, Sharon, Ralna, Susie, Janiece and Steve (Susie's brother and sister-in-law.)  BUSY%20MARCH%2014.jpg

 (l. to r.): Ralna, Jane and Sharon BUSY%20MARCH%2013.jpg

(l. to r.): Susie, Janiece and Steve.

BUSY%20MARCH%2011.jpgOne of our favorite things to do is to have lunch at the Arizona Culinary Institute. Here we are finishing up our meal so we can get Jane to the airport to go back home.

Sharon stayed another week and Jane was so jealous she didn't get to have Sharon's famous lemon meringue pie! BUSY%20MARCH%209A.jpg

BUSY%20MARCH%208A.jpgIt's the best!

BUSY%20MARCH%2010A.jpgWhat a beauty!

BUSY%20MARCH%208.jpg Sharon and I had dinner with Carl's brother and niece at one of Sharon's favorite restaurants in Phoenix.

Carl's brother, Charles and his niece, Kim. BUSY%20MARCH%209.jpg

We had a pool party for Charles' family when Sharon was here. (l. to r.): Austin and Grandfather Charles. BUSY%20MARCH%207.jpg

Austin and sister Audra enjoyed our pool. BUSY%20MARCH%204.jpg

BUSY%20MARCH%206.jpgWe had hamburgers on the grill and all the trimmings and Julie made cupcakes for dessert. (l. to r.): Carlos and Julie.

Two sleepy puppies! Denny with his best buddy, Buddy!BUSY%20MARCH%205.jpg