Escondido, California 2012


It felt like going "home" to be back at the Welk Resort in Escondido!
Check out the marquee!

Guy & Ralna with "Lawrence" after the show.



As you enter the theater, this photo of Lawrence and our baby girl Julie, has been on the wall as long as I can remember.

I've worked many shows in this theater over the years and the last show was a few Christmas' ago. My 'dressers' for that show were Jason and Anica and we became very close during that time. I was so touched when I first came into my dressing room on February 3rd and saw the beautiful flowers they sent me. Here I am with Jason after our last show.


california5.jpgI could hardly wait to see how Denny would react to his first time at the beach! He was a natural---running and playing!

Denny was in heaven to have his best pal Buddy join him at the beach! california5a.jpg

california6.jpgWe spent hours that day together and he had the time of his life!

Saying goodbye to the beach was hard for Denny..."Look at that face, just look at it. Look at that fabulous, dirty face of his!" california7.jpg

Here we are having lunch at the beautiful La Valencia in
La Jolla. Denny just loves California!

california9a.jpg Julie and Carlos came to visit Carlos' mother and sister just north of San Diego, and they all came to see our show. It was a thrill to have them there.

We were honored to have lots of friends come down from the LA area to see our show. (l. to r.) Denny, Sis, Guy and Buddy, Jan and Jimmy Cota and Ralna. california9.jpg

When I returned from Escondido, this beautiful rose in my backyard welcomed me home! (It was as big as my entire hand!) california10.jpg