Cooking Party at Tante Marie Cooking School,
San Francisco, CA - April 2011

Saturday evening we all met at the hotel lobby for cocktails before we went over to Tante Marie Cooking School for Mark's party. Pictured below with Susie is her cousin Mark, our host.
Malcolm (pictured above left) is the Tante Marie Cooking School chef. He and Mark welcomed everyone, distributed our chef's aprons and explained the menu we would cook that evening. 

We had three fabulous appetizers, a pear, walnut and blue cheese salad, rack of lamb, oven roasted potatoes, asparagus and creme brule.
We divided into several  "cooking groups." Susie helped cook the "rack of lamb" and I chose to help cook our creme brule dessert.

cooking%203.jpgFrank, who came from San Jose, and I worked together on the dessert team.
When you cook dessert,

you have to follow the directions! especially with creme brule,



I really enjoyed getting to know Mark...and had such a fun time at his fabulous party!
cooking%206.jpgSusie's other cousin Jan came all the way from Topeka, KS.  Jan is also Mark's twin sister!

Jan and Susie helped prepare the rack of lamb they
stuffed, tied and put in the was wonderful!

Ralna with Andrew, a friend of
Mark's from San Jose.
Chef Malcolm showed all of us the right way to
cut onions!

Matt, another dessert team member, came all the way from St. Louis to attend the cooking party!
He was our "torch man!"
The final product! Our Creme Brule!

The next day, many of us went to Napa for a here for more photos!