Denny's EXCELLENT Vacation! 2010
Greetings From Scottdale!denny1.jpg

Here I am lounging at my vacation Resort! It has marble floors so you can "cool your jets"  'cuz it's hot outside.
Mom always goes on vacation, but this time, I got to go on my own vacation!

We had nap time here at the Resort. My best friend is Buddy. We like to nap near each other. denny2.jpg

denny3.jpg Buddy likes to play ball with me...he usually wins!

Buddy and I went to "Yappy Hour" at another
5-star Resort called Montelucia Resort & Spa. They had GOOD drinks for us and I met a lot of other dogs!

denny5.jpg After we got home from "Yappy Hour" I was ready to go to bed, but the Resort's owner said we had to stay up a while longer to watch "Saturday Night Live," so I found my own bed! (Buddy's toy basket). It wasn't a very good fit, but Mr. Bill, the spider from Aunt Jane and the quacky duck were
all there too!

We played and played and played at the Resort! This Resort has a soft bed, great food and fabulous toys! And they take you for 3-4 walks a day! I love it!


denny7.jpg On Saturday, the owner of the Resort dressed us up in "OU Red" so we could all watch the Oklahoma vs. Texas football game on TV. I told them my Mom was from Texas and I should be wearing orange to support them, but the owner said, "No!" and "Bad Boy!"
(I'm not happy in this photo)

Buddy and I really don't like we took a nap until the game was over! 
We were happy for the Resort's owner that OU beat Texas 28-20!



On Sunday morning we went for a very long walk, then came back for a delicious breakfast at the Resort! While the Resort's owner read the Sunday newspaper, Buddy and I killed a we are with the snake!!!

The Resort has a cute crab I played with...It's a fun crab that squeeks!denny10.jpg

We had fun recreational activities here!

We each had a bone and had a great time chewing on them!

We got a little tired by Sunday...denny12.jpg

denny13.jpg I got back into Buddy's toy basket...he's really got to get a bigger basket!

On Sunday, the Resort's owner said we were having a quiet day to "relax."

I had an EXCELLENT vacation!

I hope you enjoyed my vacation pictures!

--Love, Denny English