Ralna's Fall 2008 Photos - continued


Ann caught me lounging –
something we did
a lot of in Sedona!


Jan and I relaxing in the beautiful surroundings.


We were there right at Halloween.



Guy and I did a tribute to the veterans on November 9 in the Ikea Theatre at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, AZ. (l. to r.): Julie, Sis, Carlos, Guy and Ralna.



We all stopped for dinner
after the performance at a favorite
restaurant in Mesa.



My neighbors and tennis buddies all felt like we had hit the jackpot when Susie Dowdy invited us on opening day to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden’s Chihuly Glass Exhibit. (l. to r.): Dorotha, Carol, Ralna, Vicki, Susie and Pat.



This was my particular favorite, but they were all magnificent. He blended his glass art into the natural desert landscape.