Frances' 90th Birthday!

photo%204.JPGJulie and I went to Mississippi for her
grandmother's 90th birthday party.

Here's Julie with her beautiful 90-year-old grandmother, Frances Hovis,
on her special day.

photo%206.JPGGuy and I did a performance at the retirement
facility where Frances lives. About 200 of
her friends attended.

Sis did a wonderful job helping Joye pull off a
GREAT party for Frances!
(l. to r.): Sis, Frances, Guy.

photo%208.JPGGuy's sister Joye worked so hard to
make this a special day for Frances.
Here she is with some of her family.
(l. to r.): Joye, Megan, Jennifer
and little Kyleigh.

Joye has two daughters, Jennifer and Heather. I was so happy that Heather and her husband Marine Staff Sergeant Billy Kidd were able to be there that day.
(l. to r.): Billy, Heather and Jennifer.


It was so much fun being with Joye and Charles again. They entertained us royally in their home during our visit.
Some of you may have met them
on our cruise to Alaska in 2007.

I hadn't seen Pat, Guy's aunt, and his cousin, Pat's daughter Trish, in years. I enjoyed our great visit together that

I just love this picture of Sis and Julie. We all had such a great time celebrating Frances' 90th birthday in Tupelo, and Sis was a great hostess to us in Jackson.