Los Angeles 2010

los%20angeles%20002.jpgI was so honored to be asked to sing (along with Guy) for our "good buddy" Frank Hamilton's funeral in Malibu. He was filled with unconditional love and we will always treasure his friendship. (l. to r.): Ralna, friend of the family Daisy, and Guy.

Frank's wife, Chris, had a wonderful lunch after the service for all of Frank's friends and family. Here I am with Chris (far right) and Tanya's mother and father, Rose and Phil.

los%20angeles%20012.jpg After the lunch, some of us got together to sing "May You Always." That blue you see is the ocean, not the sky. (l. to r.): Ralna, Jane, Mary Lou, Tanya, Kathy and Michelle.

It was great to see Kathy and Jim Daris there all the way from Branson, MO. (l. to r.): Kathy, Ralna, Friend Michelle and Jim.

los%20angeles%20004.jpg Two old freinds, Michelle and Daisy.

Kenny is a wonderful piano player. He played "The Rose" for me and accompanied Guy and me on "Amazing Grace." Guy also did a medley of George Jones songs that were among Frank's favorites.

los%20angeles%20009.jpgI stayed with sister Jane for a few days and we had fun visiting with many of our friends while I was there.

Guy's wife and my "wife-in-law," Sis, here with my sister, Jane.

los%20angeles%20006.jpgIt's always great to be with Richard and Mary Lou.

Mary Lou's mother, Helen, looked so pretty. She is an inspiration. los%20angeles%20007.jpg

los%20angeles%20013.jpgDenny had a fun-filled time at Aunt Jane's house. Here is my "worn out" baby boy!

Two baby dove were hatched when I returned home! They were right outside my living room window. los%20angeles%20017.jpg