Ralna Teaches University Masters Class
in Performance

I was honored to teach a Master Class in Performance at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO in October. It was a wonderful experience for me.



Pam Grooms, the assistant music teacher at Lindenwood, played piano for the class and did a fantastic job with each performer. She was very accomplished at transposing and altering any music as needed.


346.JPG 348.JPG 325.JPG

There were eight students in the class. Each student was a joy to work with.

There were a lot of intense moments.


There were other students who audited the class.



It was very sweet of Pam to download a video off the internet of me performing “You’ll Never Know” from many years ago. We all watched it at the end of the class.

The last class was a great success! Here are seven of the eight students who performed their songs center stage (the eighth student was not able to stay for the photo).




Ralna and Pam feeling great after
a successful Masters Class at Lindenwood.