Ralna's Lubbock Friends & Family

photo%2019.JPG My sister Sharon and brother-in-law, Carl,
came in from Dallas for the performance.
Any time spent with them
is always treasured by me.

Here I am with my precious niece, Michelle, who like Julie, is a teacher.
Can you tell I adore her?!

photo%2021.JPG Michelle had three children...in this order: Shea, Taylor and Clay. Taylor is in school in Dallas and could not make it. Here I am with Texas Tech student Shea, and eighth-grader, Clay.

photo%2022.JPGShea is working her way through school
at an 'upscale boutique' near the campus.
Here she is giving her
Great-Aunt Ralna a new look.

I was so touched that good friends, Burns and Ginalu, opened their beautiful home to many of my old school chums with a lovely party.photo%2023.JPG

photo%2024.JPG Burns is a true artist. This is his
creation carved by his
own two hands.

Aren't my high school friends beautiful?!
(l. to r.): Here I am with Kay and Marilyn Monroe look-alike, Donna.

photo%2026.JPG Donna's husband, Jerry, was the piano player for the Ad Libs.

photo%2027.jpg(l. to r.): Ann, Kenneth, Kilmer. Ann and Kenneth graciously opened their home to me while I was in Lubbock. Here they are at the party with Kilmer, the saxophonist
for the Ad Libs.

Jerry and wife, Patty. As many of my Lubbock friends, I have known Jerry since grade school. photo%2028.JPG

photo%2029.JPG Early the next morning, I went to the mall and got my ears pierced for the second time. It was scary the second time too!

Then my Lubbock High friends and I went to lunch and everyone had a great time. I truly love these longtime friends. (l. to r. top row): Jan, Donna, Karen, Nicky, and Pat. (l. to r. bottom row): Ralna and Ann. photo%2030.JPG

photo%2031.JPGHere's Nicky...you couldn't see her in the last picture. She bought my lunch that day...thanks Nicky!