Ralna Performs with the
Lubbock Symphony Orchestra

lubbock%201.jpg Lubbock was so much fun! The concert was just one activity. They kept me busy! Here I am at Carillon Retirement. What lovely people... and I even knew a few!

Mrs. Bartlett was a substitute teacher at Lubbock High and told the story of me not being allowed to be in Mrs. Carver's senior choir. (Mrs. Carver thought I was too much rock and roll for her choir! She said I'd never make it as a singer.) Oh, well! lubbock%202.jpg

lubbock%204.jpg Sister Sharon cooked along with her daughter, my niece, Michelle, one night and we had a fun dinner in Michelle's beautiful home!

lubbock%205.jpgMichelle's son Clay and Aunt Ralna. Clay is holding his Special Olympics medal and we were all so proud of him!

It was so much fun to be with so many of my old friends. Thanks to Ann for getting everyone together for a delicious lunch at the Lubbock Country Club! lubbock%206.jpg

I was so happy my sister Sharon could be  there. Pictured l. to r.: Ralna, Gay (Sharon's good friend), Kay Ann (Sharon's sister-in-law) and Sharon. may23.jpg

lubbock%207.jpg Nicky helped Ann get a great table for all of us. I was singing at the Lubbock Country Club when I was 13 years old. What a treat it was to be there again!

(l. to r.): Ginalu, Jan, Ralna, Karen and Donna. lubbock%208.jpg

lubbock%209.jpg My high school is included in the National Register of historic Places because of its magnificant architecture. I do believe those of us who were priviledged to go to school in Lubbock, Texas, received one of the finest educations available anywhere.

lubbock%2010.jpgHere I am with Susie and her dog Buddy at KTXT, the PBS station on the campus of Texas Tech University. Susie handled the Symphony booking and all the on-site details for me. 

Here's Denny at the PBS station where I did a 30-minute interview show with Mary Saathoff, president of the Lubbock Symphony. lubbock%2011.jpg

Mary Saathoff was very gracious and we appreciated everthing she did to make our stay in Lubbock so successful! lubbockmary.JPG

lubbock%2013.jpg Here I am with Kelly Pitts, head of development at KTXT. Kelly coordinated the station ID's and the interview show with Mary.

Maestro Tomasz Golka is one of the finest symphony conductors I have ever worked with and certainly the nicest. He endured heartbreaking news of the plane crash in Russia that day that took the lives of his Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, along with many other Polish dignitaries and others. Being the consumate professional that he is, the Maestro's performance was flawless in spite of his deep sorrow that day.

lubbock%2015.jpgMy cousin Dr. Jim Kemp came to the concert with his partner, Whitney.

We all came up to my suite after the concert for a visit. It was great to have so many of my family there for this special occasion! lubbock%2016.jpg