Mary Lou's Holiday Party
January, 2010

I went to LA for May Lou and Richard's annual Holiday Party.  I love this picutre of the two of them!

What a party it was! Just the best ever! Seeing all the old friends that have been in my life for so long was a real treat!
(l. to r.): Ralna, Norma and Jack Imel, Richard, Arthur Duncan, Ken and Margaret Letterman, darling Helen, Bobby Burgess, Janette Cuesta and daughter Marion, Ken Delo and that's Marilyn peeking over Janette and Marion.  Below: Donna Romens, and Mary Lou with their new rescue puppy, Kirby.

This is a much better picture of Marilyn!
(l. to r.): Marilyn Delo, Janette and Bobby.

It was great to see Marion. Isn't she a beauty? (l. to r.): Ralna, Marion
and Mom, Janette.

12a.jpgI really miss working with my pal, Arthur. We have had some memorable moments on the road over the years.

Norma and Jack Imel both look younger each time I see them. 13a.jpg

14a.jpgHere I am with Mary Lou and my friend that started out with me way back when! Talya Ferro and I were at the Horn together before I started on the Welk Show. All three of us were in the opening show of the "new" Champagne Theatre in Branson in 1994.

Here is Talya (center) with talented hubby John Rodby. He is a piano player, conductor and fabulous arranger. On either end are Beverly and Harvey, longtime friends of Mary Lou and Richard. Harvey is a fellow bass player and wife Beverly you may remember from the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda commercials, "Mary Tyler Moore" show and most recently "Entourage." 15a.jpg


16a.jpgRichard had a longtime gig at the Bel Air Hotel with a very well-known pianist/composer, Antonio Castillo de la Gala. (l. to r.): Ralna, Antonio, Anotonio's fiance, Kathryn (she reminded me of Anacani!) and Arthur.