Ralna Travels in April & May 2012


In April I went to visit a very special friend who is living in Mexico. We first met when Julie was a baby and have shared many happy times together over the years. She is one of my favorite people. Here she is in front of her beautiful home.

Emily has rescued many dogs. She is here in her kitchen with just a few of her pack of 11! new%20emily%203.jpg


This is precious Eva, one of 3 chihuahuas.

Lassita greeted me every morning and I fell madly in love with this gorgeous, soulful creature.



We had such a fun day walking and shopping!

Here we are stopping for refreshments in a charming cafe.


new%20emily%206.jpgThe first night I was there, we attended a fabulous, fun party with some of Emily's friends. (l. to r.): Ralna, host Christopher, Emily and host Patrick.

It was an added treat to get to visit sister Sharon in Dallas on my way back home from Mexico. new%20ralna%20and%20sharon.jpg
new%20ralna%20niece.jpgSharon's beautiful granddaughter, Shea, graduated from Texas Tech and moved to Dallas this year to work in one of only 30 Mac Pro cosmetic stores in the U.S.

In May, I got to go visit Judy Shaw in Mississippi. It's always a treat for me to spend time with Judy. We just love sitting around, talking and doing nothing! new%20ralna%20and%20judy.jpg
new%20ralna%20and%20judys%20daughter.jpgWe went to one of my favorite soul food restaurants while I was there. It's called "Annie's." Here I am with Annie and Judy's beautiful daughter, Jana, whom I adore.