On the Road Again - September & October 2011

october18.jpgJudy Shaw celebrated her birthday this year in Bear Creek Farms, Indiana. We had a wonderful time there together. We got to see Shirley Jones' show the day after our show. What a treat! Here is Judy at the airport ready to return home after a fun-filled 4 days!

Guy and I performed at the Ritz Theatre in Tiffin, Ohio in October. It was a fantastic theater and crew...AND audience, by the way! october20.jpg

october14.jpg As we pulled up to our hotel near Tiffin, we saw a Bob's Big Boy in front. A radio commercial I did many years ago about a 10-year-old boy running away from home with a backpack full of Bob's Big Boy hamburgers, won a national Cleo Award (annual awards bestowed to reward innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design and communication. The Bob's Big Boy jingle won for best radio commercial.)

As we were driving back to our hotel after our concert at the Ritz, I had to stop the car to get out and take a picture of a full double rainbow!october17.jpg

october16.jpg It was so beautiful!