Paley Center Honors "The Lawrence Welk Show"

december14.jpgThe Paley Center in Beverly Hills honored our wonderful show and so many came from all over to be part of that special evening. It was a long overdue tribute to Lawrence and his television show.

Ralna and sister Jane in the foyer of the Paley Center.

So many have been recognized and honored there. december15.jpg

december16.jpgMary Lou was a wonderful host to this special evening.

paley1.jpgRene Reyes of the Paley Center did a great job coordinating the event! He was so nice and SO organized!

Our beloved Costumer Rose Weiss and
our beautiful Champagne Lady Norma Zimmer.

december17a.jpgTanya and Ken Roberts.

Arthur Duncan and his sister, Mabel were also there! december18.jpg

december19.jpgDick Dale and Marguerite came from Iowa.

Cissy King looked radiant. She brought
our good friend Lynn Mitchell.

It was so good to see Peggy Lennon after so many years! december21.jpg

december22.jpgLawrence Welk Jr. and Lawrence Welk III.

Ralna and beautiful Marion Cuesta. december23.jpg

december24.jpg Sandi and Brent Griffiths.

Some of us went out after the Paley Center event. Pictured (l. to r.): Arthur, Marion, Mabel, Ralna, Cissy, Jane and Lynn. december25.jpg