Ralna's Photos From Summer 2008

ANACANIRALNAMARYLOU.jpgI got to be with my pals Anacani and
Mary Lou in Lancaster, PA this year.

Here I am with Cindy Loeb, one of
my best friends in the whole world.
We had a wonderful time in Oak Creek Canyon
in August this year.

MICHAELANDSHERRIESELLS.jpgSherrie and Michael Sells came up from
Carmel, IN to see Guy & me at
Bear Creek Farms. Sherrie and
I carpooled for 8 years when our
girls were in school together.

Our good friends, Norm & Nancy
Santangelo and Dick and Joan
Gustafson came to Lancaster from Philly.
Here I am with Joan.

SISANDGUY.jpgIt's always fun when Sis can come
along with Guy on our show dates.
She is such a great wife-in-law.

Got to go to Chicago to visit Warren Bills,
a longtime agent of mine,
at his son and daughter-in-law's
beautiful estate following Bear Creek.
Here is Warren with grandsons
Garett and Brandon.

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