Ralna's Lubbock High School
50 Year Class Reunion - 2010

renewal1.jpgThe first night we had such a wonderful time together at the National Ranch Heritage Center on the Texas Tech campus! Here are some of my beautiful classmates. (Top row, l. to r.): Penny, Kay, Kay, Faye, Jan, Ruth, Bonnie, Ginalu, and Ann. (Bottom row, l. to r.): Georgene, Sherri, and Ralna.

The next morning, friends Karen and Dale had a wonderful breakfast for all of us at their home and believe it or not, almost 200 of our classmates came! This is what greeted us on their front lawn. renewal1B.jpg

renewal1C.jpgNot only was the house filled with lots of Lubbock High classmates, but the backyard was packed. (l. to r.): Bonnie, Beverly, Ann,
Jan and Nicky.

(l. to r.): Ralna, Kay, Jan, Sue and Sandra. renewal2.jpg

renewal3.jpgWe all enjoyed the morning in their beautiful backyard! (l. to r.): Jane, Ann, Jan, Faye, Donna and Ralna.
Jan and I were neighbors when I first moved to Lubbock, and have remained friends all these years. renewal4.jpg
renewal5.jpgPenny, Faye and I were "holy terrors" when we were pre-teens!
Birdie Ann, and her husband, Kenneth, were great hosts while I was in Lubbock! renewal6.jpg

renewal7.jpg Before I left Lubbock, I got to have a wonderful brunch with my niece and her children. (l. to r.): Shea, who just graduated from Texas Tech and has become a makeup artist representing MAC, her son Clay, who is a sophomore in high school, and her youngest daughter Taylor, who is an aspiring singer.

Here is my beautiful niece, Michelle, with her friend, Casey.  Michelle is a
4th grade teacher.