Rose's Birthday 2011


Our wonderful costumer, Rose Weiss Berman, celebrated her 90th birthday at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey and what a celebration it was! She was radiant, as well she should have been with all the accolades she received. We all love Rosie!

Rosie's sons really made this happen for her. (l. to r.): Youngest son, Brian, Rosie, Michelle and Rosie and Michelle's  hairdresser, Fernando.



This is Rosie's eldest son, Cary, here with Bernie's grandson Grant. Grant obviously adores Rosie and vice versa.

Rose and her dear husband, Bernie. Aren't they a lovely couple?





This is one of Rosie's best friends, Lois, here with Mary Lou.


Our good friend Michelle, with Mary Lou's husband, Richard. We have all been friends for over 40 years.



 What a treat to see Rosie's great-grandchild, Mya, here with her mother, Sarah, and her grandmother, Judy.

I was so happy to get a visit in with Tanya and Ken. We sat at the same table. FEBRUARY25.jpg

FEBRUARY26.jpgAnd what beautiful tables they were! Rosie designed the centerpieces. She made the flowers look like a lovely delicious cake!

Rosie's photo was on her birthday cake. FEBRUARY27.jpg

FEBRUARY28.jpgNorma looked like a dream in her exquisite white ensemble. (l. or r.): Norma, Ralna and Jack.

It's always nice to see Marion and Janette at these special parties. FEBRUARY29.jpg

FEBRUARY30.jpgMary Lou and Richard were gracious to let me ride with them to the party. I love this picture of them. We had so much fun that day.