Sharon and Jane Visit Scottsdale - September, 2010

PARTY%201.jpgSisters Sharon and Jane came out for a glorious week at my house!

This was just one of the many tables set for all of our fabulous meals! PARTY%202.jpg

PARTY%203.jpgNeighbor Susie came for dinner and fun and games the night they arrived.

Here we are enjoying one of my favorite recipes, Beef Stroganoff. PARTY%204.jpg

PARTY%205.jpgThe next day we went to Julie's 1st grade classroom in Phoenix to see her in action with all of her 33 students.

That evening Susie met us for happy hour at one of our favorite restaurants, the Rokerij. PARTY%206.jpg

PARTY%207.jpgHere we are the following evening in Susie's "martini themed" kitchen waiting patiently for Susie's brother, Steve, to arrive with the1968 Mercedes Benz 280SL their mother used to own.

Steve purchased their mother's car over a year ago, had it fully restored here in Phoenix and flew in from Oklahoma to pick up the beautifully-finished product...coincidentially the same night we all were going to Susie's for dinner! PARTY%208.jpg

PARTY%209.jpgSusie created a masterpiece with her Beef Wellington and...

her "lobster cargo" appetizer. PARTY%2010.jpg

PARTY%2011.jpgSister Sharon made a beautiful strawberry-rhubarb pie to complete the evening's festivities!

When Steve was told the pie was a strawberry-rhubarb pie, and not just a strawberry pie, he was quite surprised! Is was as delicious as it looks! PARTY%2012.jpg

PARTY%2013.jpgJulie, Carlos and Popcorn came over on Saturday and we had a wonderful day together.

I decided to invite a few friends and neighbors in for a little party on Sunday at my house. PARTY%2014.jpg

PARTY%2015.jpgHere's my neighbor Vickie.

Sharon and Dorotha. PARTY%2016.jpg

Debby, Jane, Susie and Holly. PARTY%2017.jpg

PARTY%2018.jpgVictoria and Ralna.

Jane, Debby, Susie and Celeste. PARTY%2019.jpg

PARTY%2020.jpgRalna, Vickie, Judy, Bruce, Marcy and Joseph.

My neighbors always enjoying talking with Jane. On the couch are Marcy, Jane, Judy and Lillian. PARTY%2021.jpg

My friend Gloria graciously sent my sister Sharon one of her Heavenly Hug dolls last March. She had just lost her husband of almost 50 years. Here are Sharon and Gloria. PARTY%2022.jpg

PARTY%2023.jpgEveryone really seemed to enjoy getting together that evening. (l. to r.): Celeste, Susan, Gloria, Holly, Debby, Susie, Dorotha and Jane.

Monday we had a lovely lunch with good friend
Sandy at the Arizona Culinary Institute.