Ralna's Summer 2009 Photos

Doris, Monette’s mother, came out to visit for 11 days in May. Monette came from LA, both weekends that Doris was here. We had so much fun! What a JOY to have this wonderful woman with me for 11 days. She is an inspiration. (l. to r.) Monette, Doris, Ralna.

My Granddog, Popcorn, came to visit and fell in love with Doris.

Lori Davette, Monette’s daughter and my Goddaughter, came out one weekend in May.

One of our ‘special outings’ during their visit was to the Dale Chihuly Exhibit at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. Here is Lori in front of a Chihuly exhibit in the cactus.

Ninety-one-year-old Doris loved riding the scooter around the Chihuly Exhibit. 

This is the magnificent piece of glass art at the entrance of the Exhibit. We had one of the most memorable times of our lives that evening.

One of my favorite people from OETA came into town in June to visit Susie Dowdy. Louise and her darling family were here for three days and one of those days was spent at a great cookout at our lovely pool. (l. to r.): Susie, Louise, Ralna.