Ralna's Summer 2011

october1.jpgThere were so many who came to pay their respects to Norma. She was the most beloved Welk performer of all time! A gathering after Norma's funeral outside the church. (l. to r.): Cissy, Ralna, Johnny Zell (he provided the music for Norma's funeral other than her own recordings), Anacani and Sandi. That's Rudy, Ana's husband in the background.

 After the funeral and graveside, we went to a wonderful lunch at the place she lived for so many years. We got to share our "Norma" stories and the love she brought to all of us.

Such beautiful flowers on the tables.

october3.jpgWhile I was in California, Mary Lou had a few people at her beautiful home for a Memorial Day celebration.

Mary Lou is the ultimate hostess! and not to mention adorable! october4a.jpg

Mary Lou's dessert creation - Beautiful!!! october4.jpg

october5.jpgMy birthday was pretty uneventful this year except for one thing...Susie made my Mother's coconut cake for me! What an undertaking it was -
but worth it - Delicious!

Sharon came out to visit me for a few days in August. Here we are at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. I can't say enough about this fabulous hotel. It has made me want to go back to Vegas more often! Something I thought was an impossibility! october22.jpg

october7.jpg Sharon and Carl would have celebrated 50 years together on September 2. To commemorate the occasion, we had lunch at one of their favorite places in Scottsdale, the Arizona Culinary Institute. (l. to r.): Carl's sister-in-law Jane, Sharon, Ralna and Carl's brother, Charles.

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