Thanksgiving 2009


Lucky me! I had two Thanksgivings this year. The first was at Susie Dowdy's house right before I left for Los Angeles. Susie made the most delicious meal and we delighted in her culinary talents. (l. to r.): Susie, Buddy, brother Steve, sister-in-law Janiece holding Samoa.

Mary Lou is also a great cook and she set one of the most beautiful tables I've ever seen for a big Thanksgiving crowd.



Mary Lou and Richard were gracious hosts.

Mary Lou's mother, Helen, looked lovely that day.



I stayed with Jane and got to visit with my best friend, Monette, and Monette's daughters, my god-children, when I was in LA (I left my camera at Jane's house, so I didn't get photos while in Beverly Hills with the girls.) Here I am with sister Jane.

Several friends went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in LA to celebrate my brother-in-law's 10th anniversary since his heart attack. He has come a long way and is doing very well! (l. to r.): My brother-in-law Robert, Richard and Jane.



Mary Lou and our good friend, Michelle, enjoying the party. Michelle made the beautiful jewelry she is wearing.