More Wedding Photos -- Finally!
(Provided by Sis Hovis)

1awedding.jpgJulie was so happy on her wedding day!

Julie and Carlos were both radiant
on their special day!

3a.jpg The wedding would not have been the same without our beloved Pastor, Bob Bock.

Julie and her bridesmaids.

5a.jpg Julie and Carlos with their wedding party.

Julie with Mothers-of-the-Bride and Groom. 6awedding.jpg

7awedding.jpg Carlos with Fathers-of-the-Bride and Groom.

Guy walking Julie down the isle. 9awedding.jpg

10a.jpg The wedding chapel was lovely.

I was so tickled to see so many friends at the wedding. My brother-in-law, Robert, escorted me down the isle. That's Judy Shaw on the right. 8awedding.jpg

11awedding.jpg I was a proud Mother-of-the-Bride.

Julie and Carlos had their first dance together as husband and wife. 12a.jpg

13awedding.jpgWe just had to sing our traditional "May You Always" for the new bride and groom. (l. to r.): Michelle, Jane, Cissy, Mary Lou, Ralna and Tanya.

Julie and Carlos had more fun than
anyone else that day!