Welk Show Wraparounds at OETA
June 2005

  We went to Oklahoma City this summer to do the new wraparounds for the new season of "The Lawrence Welk Show." Here we are at a dinner the night before Guy and I did ours. (l. to r.): Bobby Burgess, Bill Thrash, OETA station manager and producer of "The Lawrence Welk Show" and specials, and me.

 Handsome Dick Dale and Jack Imel at the dinner.


  Mary Lou hosts the new format of the new season of "The Lawrence Welk Show."

 How wonderful to see Norma and Randy there.


   It was truly "old home week." Here I am with my buddy, Gail.

 (l. to r.): Mary Lou, Norma, me, Margaret Heron, syndication manager of "The Lawrence Welk Show," and Gail.


  Genius at work, Shirley Lee, getting me ready to go on air.

 Guy & Ralna with Shirley Lee on the set.


  When we finished our wraparounds, Bill Thrash sat down at the piano and Guy and I each sang a song with him. Could have stayed there for hours! Thanks Bill!

Margaret, Norma and Leon Smith. Without Leon we would not have a "Lawrence Welk Show." He makes it all happen!


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